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China wholesaler 2020 Factory Price Top Rubber Guide Wardrobe Sliding Gate Pulley 608A Bearing White Sliding Door Roller pulley puller

Guarantee: 3 many years
Following-sale Service: Free of charge spare areas, Return and Substitution
Project Resolution Capability: graphic style, whole remedy for tasks, Other people
Software: sliding door /sliding window
Layout Design: Modern
Product Amount: NXT-608
Type: sliding door roller
Item Title: Plastic Pulley Wheels
Materials: Iron + Plastic
Usage: Slidng Door
End: Zinc Plating
Shade: Silved
Packing: Plastic Bag+carton+pallet
MOQ: a hundred Sets
PAYMENT: thirty% Deposit 70% Stability
Sample: Avaliable
Service: OEM Brand
Packaging Information: 2 Roller in 1 Airtight bag, 100 Established in 1 Carton
Port: HangZhou ,HangZhou,HangZhou


Item Titletop rubber CZPT for window sliding gate pulley roller
Featureno sound
Applicationsliding door /sliding window
ApplicationSliding doorway /sliding window components
Prot of loadingHangZhou ,HangZhou,HangZhou
PaymentT/T L/C
ColorBlack , White , Blue , Orange
ServiceOEM ODM
Organization Profile Packing & Shipping and delivery FAQ 1) Are you a manufacturing unit or trading business?A : We are a manufacturing unit. We skilled in door and window add-ons since 2571, appreciate more than 10 many years export background.2) How can I get a sample to check out your high quality?A:After price tag confirmation, you can call for for samples to check out our quality. If you just require a blank sample to check the design and style and paper high quality, we will provide you sample for cost-free, as extended as you afford the specific freight.3) How long can I assume to get the sample?A:Right after you pay the sample charge and send us confirmed files, the samples will be completely ready for supply in 3-7 times. The samples will be sent to you by means of express and get there in 3-5 workdays. You can use your possess convey account or prepay us if you do not have an account.4) How lengthy does the entire method being labored out?A:Following you area a get,the manufacturing managing time is about twenty-thirty times. We want 15 times to get ready all the things then thirty days for production.5) What about the transportation and delivery date?A:Usually we use cargo to transport the goods.It is about fifteen-twenty times.It also relies upon on which region and port you are.It could be shorter if you need to send the goods like Asian. If there are some emergencies we can send the products by means of air convey, as lengthy as you pay for the targeted traffic expenditure.6) When can I get the price?We typically estimate within 24 several hours right after we get your inquiry.If you are quite urgent to get the cost, remember to get in touch with us or inform us inyour electronic mail so that we will regard your inquiry precedence. 7) What is the MOQ ?MOQ=one thousand pcs, better price tag with far more quantity.8) How does your factory do concerning high quality handle?A:Good quality is precedence. our employees constantly connect great relevance to high quality manage from the very starting to the really conclude. every single merchandise will be inspected before packing.

Types of Pulley Systems

If you’ve ever tried to lift a pail of water, you’ve probably seen the pulley system in action. Pulleys are extremely useful tools for everything from household appliances to heavy industrial machinery. Different kinds of pulley systems are classified according to their amount of motion. Some types have fixed axes, while others have movable axes. Some common uses of pulleys are listed below.

two-wheel pulley

Pulleys are complex structures with thin-walled and thick-walled sections. Therefore, they require specific forging designs. The tool concept for the production of pulleys is shown in Figure 11.6. Using the generated tool, the pulley can be forged into different shapes. Process parameters must be optimized based on material, surface quality and metallographic analysis.
Pulleys are wheels mounted on shafts. Its main function is to assist the movement of heavy objects. A single-wheel pulley can change the direction of the force, enabling a person to pull heavy objects. A dual-wheel pulley distributes the weight evenly across both wheels, allowing it to lift the same weight with half the effort.
The mechanical advantage of a two-wheel pulley is that it reduces the force required by about half. A 100 kg object can be lifted with a force of 500 Newtons. The mechanical advantage of a pulley with two wheels is twice that of a single-wheel pulley. However, care should always be taken when using two-wheel pulleys.
Two-wheel pulleys can be fixed or movable. A single wheel pulley can only change direction when the load is placed on one side of the wheel. Two-wheel pulleys change direction when lifting a load, requiring half the force. Live wheels are better for heavier loads. The movable pulley can be adjusted with the load, and the load distribution is more uniform. Active pulleys can be used with single-rope or two-wheel pulleys.
A pulley system with two wheels is called a compound pulley. This type of pulley system has a complex design that reduces the force required to move the load. Two-wheel pulleys are common in industrial and construction environments. These pulleys require a lot of space to install and operate. Additionally, they require regular maintenance to avoid wear and tear.

composite pulley

Compound pulleys are used to increase lift. One fixed pulley is attached to the overhead while the other fixed pulley is attached to the load. This setup minimizes the force required to lift weights, allowing you to lift heavier weights. There are several different types of compound pulleys, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Below are some examples of their application. Some of the most common are listed below.
Composite pulleys are usually made from two different types of wheels. The first one is fixed and secure. The second type, movable, is attached to something that moves. The third type, compound pulley, is a combination of a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. Below are three types of comparisons. The table below compares them and explains their advantages and disadvantages. Composite pulleys are the most versatile of the three.
The number of sheave segments that make up the composite sheave system increases the mechanical advantage of the system. Each segment adds one percent of the total weight, and the ideal mechanical advantage is two or more. So a compound pulley with four segments will lift three-quarters of the weight. This is because the force applied to the load is multiplied by four. The result is a better boost.
While composite pulleys have many uses, they are most commonly used on larger sailboats. These pulleys work by changing the direction of the control wire or by changing the mechanical force of the rope. They also make it easier to lift heavier objects. Composite pulleys are more expensive than simple pulleys, so consider your needs before buying. The advantages of composite pulleys outweigh the disadvantages.
A basic compound pulley is a device consisting of two wheels with fixed points. Ropes are looped around the wheels and are used to lift heavy objects. When you pull on the rope, the rope pulls the two wheels closer together. Serious injury could result if this equipment is installed incorrectly. Never exceed the lifting capacity of pulleys and other safety devices that may be attached. When using pulleys, be sure to follow the instructions on the mounting hardware to avoid accidents.

Fixed pulley

Moving pulleys and fixed pulleys are different types of mechanical devices. The movable pulley moves with the object it is used to lift. Because it attaches to the object it is used to lift, it is great for lifting heavy objects. These devices are used in construction cranes and multipurpose elevators. There are many different types of pulleys, and their uses vary widely. Below is a brief overview of these devices.
The simplest pulley set consists of a wheel that is mounted on the ceiling. A rope is attached at one end and a person pulls at the other end. The rope is strong enough to keep a person standing while lifting weights. It takes about 200 Newtons of force to lift a 20 kg weight. In contrast, a movable pulley requires a force of 1000N, which makes it easier to lift heavy objects.
Fixed pulleys are another common lifting device. They work by using ropes and slotted wheels attached to the object to be lifted. These devices are convenient to use because they are easy to set up. Moving the scroll wheel doesn’t change direction, so it’s easier to move objects without putting too much pressure on the back. Unlike a moving rope, a moving object will feel much lighter than its actual weight.
Fixed pulleys are widely used in construction and agriculture. Fixed pulleys can help lift supplies and equipment from scaffolding. These items are often heavy and difficult to lift directly. Fixed pulleys at the top of the scaffolding will allow people at the bottom to lift objects more easily. As a result, those at the bottom are less stressed and more productive. Fixed pulleys will save time and money compared to moving ropes.
Composite pulleys combine fixed and movable pulleys to increase the power of movement. A compound pulley system uses both types of pulleys and enables a person to change direction by reversing the direction of a force. The compound pulley system will save time and effort as the user only has to put in half the effort. Unlike moving ropes, composite pulleys are easy to adjust and are the most versatile system on the market.

Blocks and tackles

A pulley block system is a rope hoist that uses a set of pulleys mounted on a frame. The blocks are arranged in a row, and the threaded rope is called a pulley. Pulley systems help amplify the tension of the rope and are common in sailboats, cranes and drilling rigs. However, these systems are not without drawbacks.
The pulley pulley system can be equipped with as many pulleys as required. This method allows a person to lift heavy objects. The pulley block system can contain the required number of pulleys to achieve the desired height. The main disadvantage of pulley systems is that they create a lot of friction on the pulley shaft.
Pulley systems use two types of pulleys. A movable pulley is attached to the load, allowing it to move with the load. On the other hand, fixed pulleys are fixed on fixed points. Therefore, a pulley block system may consist of multiple pulleys mounted on a shaft. For example, the two pulleys attached to the shaft each have their own mechanical advantages.
Several types of tackle systems have been developed in recent centuries. The most basic is the gun mount, which uses two pulleys to lift the load. The mechanical advantage of such a system is two to three times the distance required by the rope to move the load. Depending on how they’re assembled, the system can lift 400 pounds with 80 or 100 pounds of force.
Another type of pulley is a combination of multiple wheels. The wheels on pulleys are supported by a housing or frame. The chain is attached to the pulley, and the rope is pulled to lift it. A combined pulley system will have multiple wheels. As the load increases, the force on the pulley also increases. This approach is generally more expensive than intercept and intercept systems.

China wholesaler 2020 Factory Price Top Rubber Guide Wardrobe Sliding Gate Pulley 608A Bearing White Sliding Door Roller     pulley puller		China wholesaler 2020 Factory Price Top Rubber Guide Wardrobe Sliding Gate Pulley 608A Bearing White Sliding Door Roller     pulley puller
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Customized near me made in China – replacement parts – in Buenos Aires Argentina Stainless Steel Outer Ring 624zz Ball Bearing for Sliding Door and Window with top quality

Customized  near me  made in China - replacement parts -  in Buenos Aires Argentina  Stainless Steel Outer Ring 624zz Ball Bearing for Sliding Door and Window with top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more particulars: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

tailored stainless metal outer ring 624zz ball bearing for sliding doorway and window

Name: personalized stainless steel outer ring 624zz ball bearing for sliding doorway and window
Item No.: U groove bearing 
Resources: Carbon steel,chrome steel or stainless steel (EPT obtainable)
Bearing size: custom-made
Seal sort: Open,sealed(Z,ZZ,RS,2RS)
Excess weight: Can be opetion
MOQ: 5000pcs
Precision: ABEC-5,-7,-9,-11
Clearance: C0,C2,C3,C4,C5 
Layout: YCZCO,OEM,ODM is suitable
Software: Window/doorway/wardrobe/cabinet/activity tools/toys
Package deal: Industrial packing or in accordance to buyers’ prerequisite
Payment: A:a hundred%TT
B:thirty% T/T in advance,70% balance before cargo
Features: (1)Prolonged-lifestyle with higher good quality
(2)Reduced-noise with rigid managing
(3)Large-load ,higher-technological style
(4)Aggressive value, which is mo EPT beneficial
(5)EPT service presented, to meet the customers specifications

bearing enterprise collection such as : 60 series , 62 sequence, sixty eight sequence, sixty nine series.
sixty sequence bearing size 

Bearings  Variety Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
604 zz or rs four 12 four .2
605 zz or rs five 14 five .two
606 zz or rs six 17 6 .three
607 zz or rs 7 19 six .three
608 zz or rs 8 22 seven .three
609 zz or rs nine 24 seven .3
6000 zz or rs ten 26 8 .3
6001 zz or rs twelve 28 8 .3
6002 zz or rs  15 32 9 .3
6003 zz or rs 17 35 10 .3

sixty eight sequence bearing size 

Bearing variety Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
683 zz ors rs three seven two .15
684 zz or rs four 9 two.five .2
685 zz or rs 5 11 three .2
686 zz or rs six thirteen 5 .2
687 zz or rs seven 14 five .2
688 zz or rs eight 16 five .three
689 zz or rs nine seventeen five .3
6803 zz or rs seventeen 26 5 .three
6807 zz or rs 35 47 seven .3
6808 zz or rs forty fifty two seven .3
6810 zz or rs fifty sixty five seven .three
6811 zz or rs fifty five 72 9 .5

sixty nine collection bearing size 

Bearings variety Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
693  zz or rs three 8 four .fifteen
694  zz or rs four eleven 4 .15
695  zz or rs 5 13 4 .two
696  zz or rs 6 fifteen 5 .two
697  zz or rs 7 17 5 .two
698  zz or rs eight 19 six .3
699   zz or rs nine 20 six .three
6900  zz or rs 10 22 six .five
6901  zz or rs twelve 24 six .5
6902  zz or rs fifteen 28 seven .five
6903  zz or rs 17 thirty 7 .five
6904  zz or rs twenty 37 9 .five
6905  zz or rs 25 42 9 .five
6906  zz or rs thirty 47 nine .three
6907  zz or rs 35 55 10 .6

sixty two series varieties bearing size 

Bearings Quantity Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
623 zz or rs 3 10 four .fifteen
624 zz or rs four 13 five .2
625 zz or rs 5 16 five .3
626 zz or rs 6 19 6 .3
627 zz or rs seven 22 seven .three
628 zz or rs eight 24 8 .three
629 zz or rs 9 26 8 .three
6200 zz or rs ten 30 nine .6
6201 zz or rs twelve 32 ten .six
6202 zz or rs 15 35 eleven .6
6203 zz or rs seventeen forty 12 .six
6204 zz or rs 20 forty seven 14 one.
6205  zz or rs twenty five 52 fifteen 1.
6206 zz or rs thirty sixty two 16 one.
6207 zz or rs  35 72 seventeen 1.1
6209 zz or rs forty five eighty five 19 one.one

the previously mentioned bearing dimension item for regular deep groove ball bearing, we also can EPT different non common bearing dimensions according to customer ask for, drawing and sample is welcome.

The merchandise from YCZCO are mostly utilised for sliding doorway, sliding window, toy, fishing gear, wire rope, truck curtain, supermarket trolley, activity products, chest, shower place, funiture and elevator door.


YCZCO is a one-cease provider of miniature bearing and roller, is the mo EPT comprehensive industry category of production company. Possess model YCZCO and patent engineering, has the ample analysis and development crew, from the structure style, mold producing, look layout, and EPT fields are concentrated the industry’s mo EPT outstanding technological staff. 

YCZCO has build the ideal R&D venture management system, in addition to the investigation and design potential continuously increase type variety, in such element as software of new supplies, new technologies also amassed a lot more research and improvement, in the business leading step by step. Pay out focus to the advanced international technology in domestic all varieties of merchandise and manufacturing technological innovation, the software of information gleaned from the latest  products.

Massive-scale creation, to ensure Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis. potent products source and distribute capabilities, can be in time for the common consumers and buyers to give the necessary merchandise.

YCZCO have 4 factories, 1 is located in ZheJiang province, one particular is positioned in ZheJiang province, EPT are found in ZheJiang g province, the personnel are more than 200pcs.

Adhere to are the equipment in our manufacturing unit:


No. Machine identify Amount
one Lathe device 316 sets
two grinder machine 246 sets
3 assemble device one hundred sets
four clear machine fifteen sets
5 injection device 15 sets
six vibration meter 13 sets
seven hardness tester 2 sets


Our Services:

one).1 cease offer for bearing & roller , 16 years experienced specialist deep groove ball bearing and sliding roller  with professional design and style group and complex
     quality management team,supply large-finish service

two).All types of content for your reference
bearing : iron, carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless metal, brass……
roller : pom (Dupont ),nylon,PA 66,PA66+fibre glass,PU,TUR,Abs.ect…..

3).Customized dimensions ,material and  color can be accessible

4).Free specialist store drawings and remedies can be supplied

5). OEM are offered

six).ten years experienced professional sales crew services for you ahead of and after sale

7).3rd get together manufacturing facility inspection,substantial high quality and good workmanship confirmed

8).Choose up and send back again totally free and welcome to check out our firm

1. Are we the dealer?
NO, We are the expert company in ball bearing and sliding roller above sixteen many years.

2. In which you can discover us? 
manufacturing unit 1 

No,eleven.Gaosha  development zone, Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis.cun,Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis., Danzhao town,Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis. district, HangZhou town,ZheJiang province, China.

manufacturing unit 2: 

manufacturing unit 3 : 
No11, Liyuan,Saiqi city,Fuan town, ZheJiang g province,China. 

3. Payment Conditions: 
TT, DP,yet again EPT BL or L/C

4. Drawing:
We have our specialist design and style group. Services like solutions,layout,measurement, 
installation can be supplied by us in AutoC EPT /PDF approaches.

five . Guarantee:
One calendar year again EPT producing defect, supply lifetime consultation on difficulties happened.

YCZCO have been producing bearing & roller for seventeen years, attended the Canton Honest and EPT oversea bearing or roller exhibition every single 12 months, our items are offered to all over the world.

We are would adore to function with you! 

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 various branches. For much more details: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of first tools manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating item use and compatibility. Our firm and the shown substitution parts contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or made by the OEM.

Customized  near me  made in China - replacement parts -  in Buenos Aires Argentina  Stainless Steel Outer Ring 624zz Ball Bearing for Sliding Door and Window with top quality

Customized  near me  made in China - replacement parts -  in Buenos Aires Argentina  Stainless Steel Outer Ring 624zz Ball Bearing for Sliding Door and Window with top quality